LipJar Card

Individually imprinted card with matching LipJar

Lip balm with co-ordinated design for mailings and flyers

  • Cosmetic product with a positive image
  • Personal and fits in every bag or pocket
  • Used by men as well as women
  • Ideal for every age group
  • Long lasting, perennial promotional merchandise
  • High quality balm “Piante”, Ökotest-certified
  • Produced according to the German Cosmetic Regulations and cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


Dimensions  : ca. 98 x 150 mm
    (Individual sizes possible)
Weight  : 18 gms
Material  : Carton
Printing  : 4c offset print
Order Quantity  : From 250 pieces on

Includes LipJar or LipJar Doming

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