Perfect-lips for beautiful kisses!


Brittle, cracked or rough lips are not only ugly, they are also harmful to your health!

Environmental influences, much stronger than ever ozone exposure, wind, sun and cold also
put a strain on the lips above average.

Therefore, a special lip balm for every cultivated person is important.

Lip Care products offer exactly this protection and have a very positive image, useful and helpful for everyone. We use this positive image for elegant promotional items as its own, as a lip balm that works and helps, and also looks good, is a constant companion of the user, whether female or male.

Since lipcare products are being used over a long period of time, they offer an ideal platform
for your advertising messages. With their support of health, safety and wellbeing, they convey
a likeable image for every advertising campaign.
If you use a lip balm as a valuable means of advertising (although the price is still low), you can be sure that it will be for several months in a pocket or purse of the user and it is achieved in this way a long-lasting and very positive advertising effect.

Which other form of advertising does have such a cost: benefit effect?

On the following pages you will find the detailed program Lipcare Premium; of course, for direct customers in the cosmetics and beauty market this is also an ideal enlargement of
their product-range.

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