MAG's-PIPS for perfect lipsŪ

Here it is at last!

The original wild leopard look as a lip balm stick

For the leo-fan (and not only that one) a "must-have". For the perfect pout!

Who likes to kiss rough lips that feel brittle and are not cool?

MAG 's PIPS make the lips soft, smooth and supple. So you can plunge into unrestrained pleasure of great kisses and soothe your lips. Just for 1000 kisses and even more ! Very economical to use. Prolonged treatment with bee and plant waxes. Excluding mineral oils and waxes. They also smell deliciously of fresh orange with golden feet, fresh mint and vanilla with black or pink feet. The Pink stick has an eye and can be used as a pendant, plus there is a matching neck strap (lanyard).

Great for any pocket, purse or as a gift.

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